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IGF’s Premium Quality FRP Flanges

Monolithic All Hand Lay-up Construction 

Dimensions: IGF flange, hub, and neck thicknesses meet or exceed ASME Sec. X, ASME RTP-1, ASTM D3299, and PS 15-69. 

Pressure Rating: Flanges are stocked in 50psi, 100psi, and 150psi. All bolt holes and bolt circles are per ANSI B16.5 150 lb. drilling. 

Not Machined: The nozzle necks and backs of IGF flanges are not machined. DuPont SW 12 S says, “Overall machine facing of the back of the hand lay-up flange is not permitted.”  

Resin: Flanges are stocked in Ashland Hetron 922, both MEKP and BPO DMA cure. We also have a large inventory of Derakane 411, Derakane D470  and ISO flanges.  Other resins are available upon request. 

110 mil Corrosion Liner: C-Veil+Nexus+2 Mat.  D470 and BPO flanges are all double nexus construction. 

Resin Coating: All bolt holes and spot facing are resin coated. 

All IGF flanges are of Type II construction, Mat plus alternating layers if 1 1/2 oz Mat and 24 oz Woven per ASME RTP-1 table 2A2.  This makes our flanges 1.7 times stronger in the critical flange and hub area than a typical Type I (all Mat) flange.  



Flange Dimensions

Flange Dimensions

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