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FRP NPT Threaded Couplings

For Tank and Pipe Connections

Resin:  Hetron 922 in both MEKP and BPO DMA cure.  Derakane D470 and ISO resins are also available from stock.

Liner:  110- Mil 2 Nexus / C Veil / 2 Mat liner

Construction:  Engineered Laminate sequence (similar to tank wall construction)

Reinforcement:  Filament wound with axial unidirectional and  E-glass mat.

Molded in Threads: Reinforced with hand wrapped glass fibers over corrosion liner.

No Pigments or fillers.

Machined mat exterior surface for a uniform outside diameter.

Half Couplings (threaded on one end) are available in all diameters.

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Applications of Unidirectional Woven Threaded Reinforcement Application

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